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Website Maintenance

Enhancing your Website Security and Performance through Regular Website Maintenance.

To enhance the security, functionality, and bug-free operation of your website, it is crucial to regularly update your website server systems with the latest software releases. By staying up to date, you not only improve the security measures but also unlock new features and resolve any existing bugs. This proactive approach minimizes the risk of your site being compromised by hackers, ensuring a safe and seamless user experience.


By conducting regular maintenance, you can provide your site users with an exceptional experience, optimizing their interaction and satisfaction.


By implementing security updates, you fortify your website against potential hacker attacks, effectively safeguarding sensitive information belonging to both you and your viewers


Having backups in place safeguards your website in case of server crashes or security breaches, preventing the arduous task of rebuilding your entire website from scratch.

Choose Your Website Maintenance Plan


From $450


Billed at $450/- (ex. GST)
Per Website/Annually


From $550


Billed at $550/- (ex. GST)
Per Website/Annually


from $650


Billed at $650/- (ex. GST)
Per Website/Annually

Our comprehensive website maintenance service, encompasses the following essential tasks:

  1. WordPress (or Relevant CMS) Update: We update your WordPress platform or relevant content management system to the latest version, incorporating any important improvements and security enhancements.
  2. Plugin and Third-Party Software Updates: We update all plugins and third-party software utilized by your website, guaranteeing that they are running on the most recent and stable versions.
  3. Implementation of Security Updates: We ensure that all necessary security updates are applied to fortify your website against potential vulnerabilities and unauthorized access.
  4. Malware Scan: We perform a thorough malware scan of your website, detecting and eliminating any malicious software or suspicious activities, thereby maintaining a secure digital environment.
  5. Complete Website Backup: We create a full backup of your website, ensuring that all your data and files are securely preserved.

By entrusting us with these vital website maintenance tasks, you can rest assured that your website will remain up to date, secure, and functioning optimally.

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